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Blonde Espresso!!!!

Wowza!!!! Who would have thought that such a thing existed? As the coffee fanatic I am, I of course had to sample on launch day. Something that hasn't been done in the last 43 years.... a different type of espresso. Designed to be smoother and give a slightly sweeter undertone to it. My...

Welcome to my world :)

Welcome welcome welcome!! Thank you for joining me on my world of caffeine addiction. To say that I've successfully lived the last 25ish years of my life without coffee would be an outright lie. I plan to update you guys several times a week on the latest and greatest with everything...

Welcome to the #Starbuckian #Blog

Hello out there! Welcome to the NEW Starbuckian Blog. Here you will hear about my life as a Starbuckian. I will include drinks, secrets, and what it means to be a true Starbuckian today! Enjoy my blog and feel free to leave comments. STAY CAFFEINATED! Jenn aka True Stabuckian
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