Blonde Espresso!!!!

starbuckian | 11 , 2018 17:24

Wowza!!!! Who would have thought that such a thing existed? As the coffee fanatic I am, I of course had to sample on launch day. Something that hasn't been done in the last 43 years.... a different type of espresso. Designed to be smoother and give a slightly sweeter undertone to it. My review: I enjoyed it very much, it is noticeably smoother in taste which will please most people who might not be too keen on super strong coffee however I'm not sure it would please everyone. I love strong coffee, mostly getting iced espresso with minimal cream added so for me, I'd prefer the classic espresso only because I love the bold flavor and enjoy it. However it doesn't deter me from ordering the blonde because given it's smoother flavor, if I wanted to add a syrup or sauce to it like vanilla or caramel, the blonde espresso would allow those softer flavors to really shine through versus the signature espresso which I feel would mask them. It did remind me of cold brew coffee which I'm not too fond of so not sure if possibly it's produced similarly. It's something to research for sure. Overall most who don't generally drink coffee quite as much as myself might not detect a difference between the two however someone who gets at least one coffee a day, I could definitely tell a difference and appreciate the variety that it can give us frequent coffee addicts. I was able to post about my blonde espresso on my twitter @Starbuckianclub and fan-girled when I saw Starbucks acknowledge my tweet and ask how I liked it and my preference when ordering. Coolest moment in a while for me :) Til next coffee break, J


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